Happy Thanksgiving!


We are so thankful to all our supporters, customers, friends and family who have helped make our dream shop a reality! We hope to see you at Indus Imports soon! We will have some great specials during the holiday shopping season – lots of new carpets in modern designs and also gift certificates so you can spread your love of Indus!

Thank you for shopping with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rais and Hilary



The folks at GoodWeave say, “becoming a licensed importer of GoodWeave certified rugs is good for business—and it’s the right thing to do. …respond to the increased demand for socially responsible products.”

We wholeheartedly agree.

Which is why we are so excited to meet with the Director of Business Development at GoodWeave next week.  It’s the first step toward realizing our vision of becoming certified importers of “child-free labor” rugs from Kashmir.  We have the added benefit of having worked with the same suppliers of rugs for generations and know that our rugs involve no illegal child labor.  Now, if all goes according to our vision (that always happens, right?) we will be able to prove to our customers, through the GoodWeave brand, that we have meet their high standards.

When you buy a rug from Indus Imports you will know that you are working with folks (us…and GoodWeave) who support child-free labor in the hand-made rug trade.

And that will make our rugs that much more beautiful.


~Rais and Hilary

Hello world!


We are gearing up to begin our import business! It has been almost 10 years in the making…dreaming, schemeing, importing bits here and there. Now is the time to go for real! We are working on some things that are really exciting, but don’t want to put it out there quite yet.

Generally speaking; staying true to our passion of handicrafts from Kashmir while exploring ways to ensure our products are fairly traded.

Stay with us: more to come soon!